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Little, little Max Just a couple of days after we brought him home He was so small! Look how big his ears were
DSC_0269.jpg DSC_0270.jpg DSC_0271.jpg DSC_0277.jpg
Furrowed brow... ...and all that extra skin He was so cute, we forgave a lot Who could not love that big belly?
DSC_0299.jpg DSC_0307.jpg DSC_0308.jpg DSC_0407.jpg
The only time we could take his picture was when he was sleeping Milica and Max taking a nap. Not much has changed. He no longer fits on the couch like this.
DSC_0414.jpg DSC_0425.jpg DSC_0432.jpg DSC_0434.jpg
He's got that look in his eyes. Dad and Max got a chance to bond Max snuck in a kiss
DSC_0441.jpg DSC_0450.jpg DSC_0467.jpg DSC_0472.jpg
This was after an exciting day at Sarah's cottage Max was still small enough that I could pick him up We took a nap together
DSC_0622.jpg DSC_0478.jpg DSC_0479.jpg DSC_0482.jpg
There's lots of stuff to check out! There's something smelly around here
DSC_0488.jpg DSC_0484.jpg DSC_0494.jpg DSC_0504.jpg
Oh, almost found it! Mmm! Dead snails! I knew it! His good looks let him get away with a lot
DSC_0507.jpg DSC_0509.jpg DSC_0528.jpg DSC_0534.jpg
At about 6 months, he wouldn't get his chest wet He barely wanted to get his paws wet
DSC_0553.jpg DSC_0554.jpg DSC_0574.jpg DSC_0582.jpg
We slept out on the porch together Buddies in bad times