Janice is known, to anyone who has had the privilege of dining at her house, as a fabulous cook. She was the one who first inspired me to try cooking when I was a teenager.
She is now unable to stand up from her hospital bed to cook for us anymore, but she can still share her knowledge. During her time in the hospital we have gone through her 'box' of recipes together and I have transcribed them here to share with everyone.
These recipes have been collected over many years from friends, family members, magazines, cookbooks, packaging and experimentation. If Janice remembers the original source of a recipe, we have included it. However, she usually makes changes to the recipes based on her own tastes and instincts.
This collection does not encompass Janice's entire repertoire of dishes but only those that she wrote down. I am sure that if you know Janice, you will find something familiar from this assortment.
The recipes should be printed on both sides of 6" x 4" cards. Janice stores them in a wooden box. I encourage everyone to add your own notes on each card to personalise them. Hers are full of handwritten notes and comments.